Just Encase They Think You’re Stupid

Just Encase They Think You’re Stupid is a fictional easy read on the real time hot environmental topic of green coatings solutions. It answers how and why potentially hazardous materials such as Asbestos, Lead Based Painted surfaces and other questionable building stock can benefit from the use of high performance, low VOC green coatings. The credible characters in this book explain the historic and present uses of the hazardous materials and discuss the complications associated with their removal. Common misconceptions are corrected revealing a simple method that can safely and cost effectively manage them in-place. Studies show that 42% of the CO2 emissions causing green house gases are coming from landfills filled with unwanted waste, much of it from roof tear offs. Simply said, green coatings can be used to recycle and renovate existing buildings and roofs, extending their life cycle and avoiding expensive demolition, tear offs, transportation and disposal.

Reviews for this book

Just Encase They Think You’re Stupid, was a real eye opener and a thoroughly entertaining read. I have dealt with a lot of hazardous products and materials in the past 25+ years through my time with the military and now as a contractor and encasement of hazardous materials such as asbestos or lead based paints, where you can utilize environmentally safe, green products had never occurred to me, as the old and used systems have been the mainstay of this type of industry, though terrible to the environment. 

George’s humorous, but serious and well versed and experienced explanation of systems and applications opened my eyes greatly, there IS A PRACTICAL SOLUTION, I read page after page opening up new knowledge and George’s book created a new pro-green person. 

I will and have recommended this wonderful book as it can help us environmentally for the future of us and our children. Great stuff George.

Brandon Williams - Deputy Director Veracity GmbH, Philippines

Thought provoking and entertaining. This book will increase your hazardous material abatement “IQ.” 

“Just Encase They Think You’re Stupid” is the most practical and intelligent narrative I have yet to uncover on how to successfully manage hazardous materials (asbestos!) “in place.” The innovative – dare I say revolutionary – approach championed by Mr. Keefe has the potential to generate real change. His solution is cost-effective, time efficient and environmentally sound. “Knowledge plus action is power” and this book provides the knowledge – it’s up to us to take action.

Tracy Nazzaro - Vice President of Aldebaran Partners

I don’t think many people understand the dangers of many of the substance we deal with in our daily life. Most of us have grown up with these items lying around that we have never questioned it or though about the risk these substance pose to our daily life. This is especially true for lead based paints and asbestos. 

“Just Encase They Think You’re Stupid” was an eye opener, it gave me a new perspective into what the dangers are that is around us, that many a times goes unnoticed or we take for granted. It also gave me a better perspective of how these can be contained or abated to ensure the safety of our community and family. 

George outlined the dangers and also benefits of abatement so simply in this book that it is a must read for anyone who want to understand what they are up against and what the best way is to ensure a safe environment for our future generation.

Thomas Mathew - Managing Director, Aveo International, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

Fast, informative & witty read! 

A customer of mine recommended this book when we were responsible for exploring alternative solutions for expensive abatement contracts. Similar to “The Goal” by Eliyahu Goldratt helping understand fundamentals of process improvement, this book uses characters like “Chief” and a crew of “testifiers” to help non-technical folks understand and position alternative and often disruptive technologies. I also enjoyed the historical background of how long hazardous materials have been around – and known to be hazardous – long before modern usage. All in all, a neat book that isn’t hard on the brain but leaves you better educated on important issues and especially useful when working through challenging environmental issues.

Dave Lowe - CEO/Founder, isiFederal

“Just Encase They Think You’re Stupid” 

The title of this book is not only a reminder of this political campaign season,but a welcome addition to the lexicon of environmentally friendly abatement processes and procedures.

I highly recommend this pithy tome that addresses a serious, and all too often neglected problem: yes George, we really can take the toxicity out of our politics and our environment.

Five stars from The Chisholm Group, Washington, DC http://www.thechisholmgroup.com

Stephen J. Chisholm Founder, President and Managing Director The Chisholm Group Washington, DC Portland, Maine Philadelphia, Pa. Bogota, Colombia Lima, Peru

George, the book is great and I’ve finished it. It raises more questions about how much lead poisoning is happening country by country. By the way, I can’t stress how good the book was. Being straight up, I wasn’t enthused about reading it, but it’s a great read.

Michael Minihan - Business Plan Writer

A great and resourceful book, with relevant information on asbestos and lead-based paints concisely and logically presented in its most truthful form but encased in a fictional narration to enhance readers’ appeal… a presentation that unequivocally would lead any sane mind or judge to rule in favor of in-place management of asbestos and lead based paints.

Francis C. Ohu, CEP. - President, Angelus Energy Solutions Company Limited

I have finally read your book with much interest and I must say that I had no idea how far spread this issue/problem is and what an impact it must have on humans all over the world. It would be great if sort of affordable testing kit would be available so people could check their home and offices if asbestos and lead based paints have been used in the past. This hazardous materials could basically hide anywhere without anybody knowing it. Very interesting staff and thank you for enlightening me on this issues. Well written and interesting to read!

Gottfried Bogensperger - General Manager, Hyatt on the Bund Shanghai, China

I thought it was a great read. Great use of characters to explain a potentially dry subject. Writing the book is easy compared to getting the right people to read it. You should try to get this on a civil engineering school’s required reading list.

Lieutenant Colonel, Skip Harry Benham (Bols) F-15 Pilot USAF

I read your book and was very intrigued by how you presented or should I say “educated” readers on the pros and cons of in place management versus extensive damage that can be caused by uneducated decisions/choices. The panel scenario is very clever! I enjoyed the suspense on whether or not the two characters Lyn and Macros would make it in on time to bring home the message and how the main character was so confident.

I know the book’s intent is on educating the readers about the “green” aspects and the impacts of choices, but I also found it enlightening in regards to leadership on down to how effective one can be if they had the luxury of creating a dream team. Your book carries examples of what good management is all about both from career aspects to environmental aspects. I REALLY ENJOYED it!

The book was very well written and easy to follow (for the most part). I had to re-read a couple of areas when it referenced charts and the acronyms. I couldn’t put the book down though….finished it in a few hours.

Julia Gregory - Director, Programs/Marketing USO Okinawa