Just Encase They Think You’re Stupid

Just Encase They Think You’re Stupid is a fictional easy read on the real time hot environmental topic of green coatings solutions. It answers how and why potentially hazardous materials such as Asbestos, Lead Based Painted surfaces and other questionable building stock can benefit from the use of high performance, low VOC green coatings. The credible characters in this book explain the historic and present uses of the hazardous materials and discuss the complications associated with their removal. Common misconceptions are corrected revealing a simple method that can safely and cost effectively manage them in-place. Studies show that 42% of the CO2 emissions causing green house gases are coming from landfills filled with unwanted waste, much of it from roof tear offs. Simply said, green coatings can be used to recycle and renovate existing buildings and roofs, extending their life cycle and avoiding expensive demolition, tear offs, transportation and disposal.

Reviews for this book

“George, I consider your book a regular part of the reading for anyone who takes my lead class."
“Tick Tock” depicts time, energy and money wasted on trying to solve a problem that is virtually unsolvable. There is not enough money in the world to remove all the Asbestos and Lead-based paint from every building. The author has an interesting way to introduce a discussion on the control or management of hazardous materials such as Asbestos and Lead-based paint. The opening chapter begins with the stage set in an intense atmosphere only to level with a gathering of minds to discuss all the options concerning the prevention of spreading contaminants in our environment. The book emphasizes the need to step back and look at the safest method to avoid full removal of hazardous materials which can create problems such as, transportation, disposal, storage and replacement of building materials. Better to safely manage these hazardous materials in-place than exacerbate an already liable problem. It was a good read and I reread several sections if you can believe it. It is a great reference for any novice or professional who is looking for quick and concise comparative information.  I teach EPA lead-based paint classes and as a Historic Preservation contractor for 20 years believe encasement is more economical and logical when it comes to preserving historical structures. Many studies have shown that preservation is more cost-effective in saving energy and the environment than new construction. There is a great truth in the philosophy of economist  Donovan Rypkema, who specializes in the economic revitalization of city centers and the development of historic preservation, “The Greenest Building is the One still Standing”. I will suggest it to all my classes.

Owen Sutton: MA HP and President of Home Restoration and Remodeling of SD/ EPA Certified Lead Safe (RRP Rule Training) Instructor

“ I so enjoyed your book – (and the title).  As usual, everything you say makes sense.  Also, I became more educated and aware of what you do.”

Howard Strauss - Managing Director P & H Painting Inc.

In the book “Just Encase They Think You’re Stupid,” George utilizes the art of storytelling to convey and help explain complex issues surrounding asbestos and lead based paint. He begins the first few chapters developing the main characters of the storyline highlighting their characteristics. The main character “Chief” represents that of an eco-friendly, forwarding thinking individual who is conscious about the environment and is always searching for sustainable and safe solutions when it comes to hazardous materials. He brings in the antagonist, “Dracoff,” who represents the typical corporate mentality that only thinks of profit, and how to maximize and sell products that negatively affect our environment and health overtime. He then highlights a few supporting characters that uphold a forward-thinking, sustainable, green and environmentally friendly principles that support Chief’s overall mission.  The following chapters discuss strategies to identify and manage hazardous materials. In addition, the chapters reveal how each individual character has been affected by asbestos and lead-based paint. For instance, Lyn was widowed because her husband developed mesothelioma due to secondary exposure to large amounts of asbestos as a child. Unfortunately, he paid a high price. Had his parents been aware of the potential toxicity of asbestos and the affects it had on their son’s health, maybe they would have taken other precautions. After setting the tone, the book dives into discussing the history of asbestos and why it is used in various materials such as roofing and wall siding, plasters, paints, floor tile, insulation, etc. When Asbestos particles are inhaled, they can cause serious damage to one’s health and it often takes years before any symptoms occur. In addition, there is a chapter that highlight lead-based paint and how older paint layers that are chipping away from walls and ceilings may fall into our food and water systems. This can cause large scale lead poisoning which can be lethal if not diagnosed and treated properly. Overall, this book is reader friendly, so anyone can read and understand the materials being discussed. I think these concepts and issues are important to learn and become aware of in our day to day lives. Hopefully, we can learn from older construction methods to help make our environment a more sustainable place.


The story revolves around the tale of Chief, a head strong and intelligent individual that fights against the long history of asbestos and lead usage. He has his champions on this crusade and some adversaries along the way but as with any great stories, the cause is always met with a resounding success.

The book tells the rich history of Asbestos and Lead usage. It will take the readers through a roller coaster of past and present information that not only is entertaining but is a good wakeup call to the uneducated regarding this matter. The author's style of writing is grounded, anyone who picks this book up would be easily immersed in the world of the characters and their struggle to fight for their cause.

Overall, a great book to open your eyes to the environmentally challenging world of Asbestos and Lead and how alternative materials can help alleviate the effects these two substances may potentially create.

John Dominic - Business Development Consultant

Your book is fantastic and I just read it these days. I´ve learned many things from it.

It is a very interesting way to tell this story when so many different people with different points of view play the game for the truth: "Just Encase"!!!!

Mr. Guillermo Villamizar - Director of FundClas Foundation, Colombia Asbestos Free Foundation, Bogotá, Colombia

Great and informative book I recommend it as a must have to everyone thinking of building or renovating.

David Plattner, Founder – RainTrust Bangkok, Thailand

Light and Humorous!

This book has excellent development of main characters. It’s innovative and draws you in because the reader wants to see what the panel will do, how they handle the lead-based paint problems. Light and humorous. Review from lifelong educator.

Mary Worsham - Lifelong Educator

“George, I consider your book a regular part of the reading for anyone who takes my lead class."

Owen Sutton - EPA Certified Lead Safe (RRP Rule Training)

This informative, entertaining book is a quick read packed with education on how to best deal with typical hazardous materials such as asbestos and lead based paint that are found in our living and working environments. It enlightens all on the realities of preventing exposure with simple methods while staying within budgets and not overspending due to misinformation and unethical practices. I highly recommend this valuable book that gives guidance on how to economically protect people while preserving building surfaces for everyone dealing with these types of situations.

Tim Houseberg - Co Founder & Vice President of Native Health Matters Foundation a 5013c

I am writing this note to thank Global Encasement Inc. (GEI) and specifically George C. Keefe for helping us find a solution for a potentially very large challenge we encountered during a complete renovation project of a 1960 steel building for Portland State University in Portland Oregon, The challenge was to find a solution that would allow us to do a complete renovation of a building that has asbestos fire proofing throughout in a safe and be economically method.
George listened to our concerns and found us several case studies of other projects that dealt with the same type of issues. With his guidance we came to the correct decision that "AsbestoSafe" was the safest and by far the most economically friendly solution for our project.

Using the “GEI Encasement" system it allowed us to have our abatement contractor install the product throughout the building and give us a safe and durable coating for other to work in a safe and carefree environment as well as leave the building in safe condition for the future.

As for the economically side to use of this product, the cost to buy and install was 1/lOth of the cost to remove all the asbestos fire proofing and then re install. This was the perfect solution to our problem.

Thanks again for the help and advice finding the right method.

Jeff Herd, Sr. Superintendent for Fortis Construction