Solar Reflective Building Surfaces & Green Coatings Encasement

Whenever I fly into a city during the day, I am always looking out from my window seat to see if they are embracing the concept of light-colored solar reflective roofs. When I recently flew into Dallas, Texas, I looked down and was pleased to see mostly light-colored roofs. 

Solar Reflective White Roof

There are two man-made dark surfaces that pull down tremendous amount of heat. These are roadways and roofs. Roadways are an issue that that has to be dealt with through the government and more of a general consensus needs to take place on how to address the problem. Some local municipalities are starting to address this. In Los Angeles, they are coating roadways to make them solar reflective. 

Roofs, on the other hand, can be dealt with on an individual basis through company consensus and personal decisions. Roofs can absorb the full brunt of the sun’s damaging rays. It can pull down heat and transfer it into a building, thereby driving up the cost of cooling. Quickly and simply turning these surfaces solar reflective preserves surfaces while keeping those surfaces and return the building cooler. 

Heat Temperature Reading

Huge measured temperature difference between the black/dark roof and the same surface coated with solar reflective, white Your Last Coat™/RoofCoat™

As I travel around hot, sunny Texas, I’m pleased to see that many are now welcoming the proven concept of turning surfaces solar reflective by using white or light pastel colors on the exterior of their buildings. Going to solar reflective with all building surfaces makes perfect sense and is a simple, cost-effective process of “Why Replace? Just Encase!” Seal in all building surfaces, and weatherproof while simultaneously turning energy/money-saving solar reflective is good for the planet and the pocketbook.

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