Fire and Ice Shatters World Records

Natural Disasters

Unrestrained wildfires, record breaking deep freeze, heatwaves, unpredictable floods and devastating storms continue the worldwide pattern of increasingly destructive weather systems.

Meteorologists are using choice words to describe these weather events that have decimated whole communities and paralyzed towns and cities. Recently, California wildfires devastated whole towns with populations of 25,000 and they were completely wiped off the map. As the rebuilds take place, we need to learn from the past and construct buildings to better withstand the harsh attacks from these and future devastating events.

With the intensifying climate change that brings damaging storms, floods, heat waves and fires, we need to prepare and protect buildings, fortify properties to better handle the onslaught of these extremely destructive events. While we can’t control the weather, we can take action to adjust and tailor our response to minimize the impact the devastating climate conditions have on our buildings and lives.

Breathable & Windproof Coatings

What then is the best action to take to protect existing and future buildings? That is to fortify exterior surfaces with water/windproofing and turn them fire resistant. This can ben done with the simple application of a coating designed for that purpose.

This is not a task for normal paint. Typical paints are not designed to be sustainable or hold up to the intense abuse that can come from storms and strong wind events. They are mostly formulated for improving the ascetics of surfaces, adding color to dress up the appearance. The truth is, the right coating can do the same thing. It can beautify properties while also having the additional benefit of giving long term defensive, protection.

The way to turn a building more resistant to is to make sure the exterior surfaces are protected with a continuous, seamless, Class A Fire resistant, waterproof membrane that can withstand extreme expansion and contraction from heat and cold. This will also help prevent wind damage that also comes with driving rains, hail, sand and pounding wind uplift. In addition, making those surfaces fire resistant. Damaging wind uplift penetrates holes, open seams or gaps and gets under surfaces allowing building components to be torn off or saturated with piercing water.

A simple application of a Class A Fire Rated Coating that also preforms as waterproofing as well as being impact, wind and UV resistant is the way to take defensive action to protect buildings and their contents.

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