Crossroads Between Climate Change & Building Protection

As weather events strengthen and become more frequent, it only makes sense to simply increase the protection of the building exterior to preserve the people and their contents inside.

Climate Change & Building Protection

Resilient housing and buildings is a must. Especially as severe weather increases. With it comes higher temperatures, wild fires, devastating droughts, stronger wind events, torrential downpours, massive flooding, deep freezes and an overall escalation in the harmful effects of the elements on buildings due to climate change.

How do you seriously strengthen the building exterior without overthinking or over spending? The answer - using one overall solution! One that can deal with multiple challenges on all building surfaces, including roofs. One that is tested with a proven track record and has demonstrated its flexibility, toughness, and sustainability, turning susceptible surfaces tough and seamless. An authentic product that has all the significant characteristics needed.

The right industrial coating will fit the bill. A coating that is fluid applied - creating a fully adhered membrane that is a continuous and seamless cover protecting a building against all forms of attack.

Encasement Coatings

Environmental Facts

GEI has such a coating. Not only will it easily protect your building and its contents from all sorts of assaulting weather, but it will also protect the environment. GEI’s coating has zero VOC’s, no ODS’s, is water-based, non-toxic, biodegradable, sustainable and renewable. More importantly, it has been tested and approved to prevent the release of hazardous materials such as asbestos, lead-based paint, PCBs, etc.

A simple solution is usually the best choice especially when dealing with extreme challenges. And this GEI’s simple solution is just the thing to help prevent the unnecessary exposure to the potentially harmful effects of those unchecked dangers.

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