Just Encase They Think You're Stupid

Just Encase They Think You’re Stupid is a fictional easy read on the real time hot environmental topic of green coatings solutions. It answers how and why potentially hazardous materials such as Asbestos, Lead Based Painted surfaces and other questionable building stock can benefit from the use of high performance, low VOC green coatings. The credible characters in this book explain the historic and present uses of the hazardous materials and discuss the complications associated with their removal. Common misconceptions are corrected revealing a simple method that can safely and cost effectively manage them in-place. Studies show that 42% of the CO2 emissions causing green house gases are coming from landfills filled with unwanted waste, much of it from roof tear offs. Simply said, green coatings can be used to recycle and renovate existing buildings and roofs, extending their life cycle and avoiding expensive demolition, tear offs, transportation and disposal.


Education with an entertaining twist!

This book does the best job I’ve ever seen of combining so much information and research with a truly entertaining story! Great read! I’m sold – this author KNOWS his stuff, and it’s fun to see someone so passionate about what they do! This is an amazing educational tool for anyone interested in protecting buildings, homes, and the people in them. This should be in the hands of every general contractor, and taught in architectural schools.

I hope this book gets into the hands of every military facility manager and to the Secretary of HUD. I would think that the Obama administration would eat this up if it got into the right hands.


George Keefe packed a lot of passion, power and information into “Just Encase They Think You’re Stupid”. This fact based fiction takes place in one 24-hour period including in a jammed DC public hearing room. Believable and funny characters give testimony on the who, what, when, where, why and how asbestos-containing and toxic leaded materials made their way into our every day lives, and to this day continue to compromise our air quality, public health, indoor living environments, and especially the health of our children who are highly susceptible to lead poisoning and its devastating effects.

All about asbestos-containing materials and leaded paint, this quick and educational read will answer your questions and tell you what you can do about it.

It should be a must read for every building owner with property built prior to 1980; construction workers, painting and hazmat abatement contractors, institutional/commercial/residential building owners, every military and government facility manager and buyer, educational facility managers and every lawmaker whose constituency includes children under the age of 6. I think that’s just about EVERYONE!

Susan M. Bardsley

It’s about our Children’s Future. Stupid!

With the publication of Just Encase, they think you’re Stupid, George Keefe has lifted the veil from the complicated subject of the dangers of asbestos and lead-based paint to all the world’s citizens.

Especially telling is the amount of information this author teaches us in a clear and concise manner about the effects of these hazardous materials on the underserved. Through this book I hope Keefe can get the attention of the movers and shakers who craft and pass legislation that becomes public policy. As the poor people’s lobbyist, Keefe has written a book that should help him bring attention to toxic materials that inhabit many of our public housing projects.

Keefe claims this book is a work of fiction, but I suspect it’s based on many of the personal experiences he has had the last 30 years educating his fellow world citizens about these poisons.

A person reading Just Encase they think you’re Stupid should remember that we are our children’s future and we owe it to them to clean up this toxic mess the author identifies so clearly.

It is my hope with the new Administration someone at HUD will see the value of what the author has written and try to incorporate his words into our public policy as we go forward to protect our children now and in the future.

Thomas S. Keefe

Environmental awareness for a better tomorrow…

“Just Encase They Think You’re Stupid” is an extremely entertaining and very informative read. I spent 20 years in the US Air Force Medical Service and four years with the USO as the Regional Vice President of Operations in the war torn areas of Southwest Asia. Since I have spent the majority of my adult life traveling the world and supporting others, I believe George Keefe has hit the “nail on the head” concerning the global need to practice in-place management of asbestos-containing materials and lead based paint.

George did a wonderful job explaining the importance of using in-place management materials vs. the costly and extremely environmentally harmful removal process. One other note to mention is the information George provided concerning the solar reflective/sustainability qualities of the encasement roofing materials. This process can extend the lifespan of any homeowner’s roof and eliminate the cost of replacement as well as lower the monthly power bill. The cost savings one can realize by abiding by the information within this book can be enormous. Furthermore, the information within this book is a tremendous wake up call for those of us who can make a difference today so we can prepare a better place to live tomorrow. A definite MUST READ for everyone.

Robert K. Meade

Stop Being Stupid and Start Being Green

George C. Keefe has taken what could be seen as a dull topic (but if you or your family is being exposed to lead poisoning and asbestos this would be a most fascinating read) and made it fun, informative, and educational. I really wasn’t aware that there was a relatively inexpensive green product that could encase not only lead-based painted surfaces but asbestos as well. This book gives you concrete solutions as to how to deal with these problems. I highly recommend you take the time to read this!

Cindi Braff

Eye opening book

I have two small children and I was planning on removing the lead paint in my 1956 home; this book has really opened my eyes to the option of encasing it to manage it in place. It makes so much more sense from an environmental standpoint and a financial standpoint. More importantly, I feel much more comfortable without inadvertently exposing my family during excavation.

The book is an easy read; it reads like a short story but is full of historical information on lead and asbestos and practical management options.

Elizabeth Lin

High School Topic!

My name is Aubrey and I’m a 15 year old high school student. I believe that anyone of any age can follow Mr. Keefe’s wonderful book.

Just Encase They Think You’re Stupid, by George Keefe, is a very descriptive book, informing us about his company’s life changing idea, green encasment. It describes the concern of our earth and everything that thrives on it. Every day we are slowly destroying our earth and this book will help us realize the need to start preserving and encasing harsh and hurtful things affecting our daily lives. In the stories you can imagine each character he has described, and the information he has given. Also, the examples of graphs and tests in this book really help you understand and see the amazing results. For example, the glass bottle encasing played an important part in this book because it showed that if you try to destroy the item in the encasment you will fail. The item is so well kept and preserved and it will keep its shape, and cause no harm. I think Mr. Keefe is doing a remarkable job with his book, company, and product. People such as Mr. George Keefe, are very important to us and the earth because they are helping our world to become a better and healthier place now; and for years to come.

D. Benham

A persuasive case for in-place management.

Search Amazon for books about asbestos abatement or lead-based paint and you’ll find old government publications, conference reports, and a few dry scientific treatises. Most are 15 to 20 years old, and a few of the books sell for $50 to $100 or more. In contrast, George Keefe’s book makes complex issues easy to understand and it’s only $15. If you want to learn more about the management of asbestos and lead-based paint but don’t know where to begin, this is the book for you.

I’ve known the author, George Keefe, since we painted houses together in the 1970′s. From 1998-2004 we worked together again, this time in the hazardous materials industry. By then he had worked on numerous asbestos and lead-based paint removal projects. He had seen first-hand how grossly inefficient the process can be, and the excessive impact it has on the environment. He recognized the overwhelming advantages of in-place management and became a staunch proponent. In this book, he presents a persuasive case for the in-place management system called encasement.

As George Keefe points out, electricity is a hazard that can kill us in an instant, yet it is an integral part of our daily lives. Properly handled, it poses no threat because it is housed in a durable, protective jacket (electric cords). Encasement operates on the same principle, protecting people and the environment by creating a strong, flexible membrane over the hazard.

After reading this book you’ll realize how easily we could take a huge step toward reducing lead poisoning in children, for a minimal investment. If schools and vacated housing units were simply repainted with government-approved encasement coatings instead of with regular paint, the new tenants would be protected from lead exposure.

Education is the key to better asbestos and lead-based paint management. Yet much of the literature on the subject is so dated that it doesn’t present the new technology we now have at our disposal. It’s about time someone wrote a book that offers an intelligent alternative for abating asbestos and lead-based paint.

Paul Young

This Really Got Me Hooked!

The book is without a dull moment! It presents all the facts about lead, asbestos, and in-place management without sounding one bit like a textbook. The use of characters brought life to such an important topic that keep readers engaged from page one. Two of my favorite points are: (1) the encased bottle as it definitely answers all important questions about in-place management in such an illustrative way; and (2) many essential things in life are hazards; it’s the way we manage them that keeps life convenient and safe.

I am not quite sure how much this issue has been raised elsewhere, but here in the Philippines it has not gained much attention. I now realized that it isn’t just the obvious hazards that I have to look out for but also simple things like paint, which we always take for granted. It also reminds us of valuable lessons to be honest and sincere in your job and the people you serve.

This has not only been such an eye-opener but also a truly enjoyable reading experience. Thank you George for taking the time to share this with us.

MH Zurich Quiros - Financial Analyst, Philippines

Got Encasement?

Having just finished George Keefe’s book during a recent airline flight, I found myself in the airport throwing my fist into the air and pumping a few “Right On, George!!!” thrusts! The book “Just Encase They Think You’re Stupid” (and I love the double entendre) is a MUST-HAVE for everyone! From a consumer purchasing an older home, to a company dealing with ACM/LBP abatement, to government planners, architects, environmentalists, and ALL parents – this book is “the Bible” of the industry. Keefe has captured the ‘whats, whys, and wherefores’ of this subject matter very thoroughly and with unexpected humor. The active, ever-present threat of ACM/LBP should have everyone concerned about this danger. Yet, few truly understand how to safely handle the problem.

I have added a new slogan above my desk, next to my other mantra: HE WHOSE RANKS ARE UNITED IN PURPOSE WILL WIN (Sun Tzu) …. the new mantra simply reads: TEM (George Keefe).

Thank you George for putting this useful information into a compelling and story-like journey into the truth behind “encasement,” a safe “manage-in-place” solution. Bravo!!!

Steve Call

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