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George C. Keefe Educates TEPCO Management on the Benefits of GEI Coatings for Locking Down Radioactive Debris at Fukushima

Encasement Guy on a Roofing Encasement at Iwaki City, Japan

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About Encasement Guy

George C. Keefe, Encasement Guy is a sought after consultant, lecturer, author and writer of technical papers.  He has over 35 years experience in the coatings, painting, specialty contracting, indoor environmental remediation, risk management and specification writing industries. He  is considered one of the pioneers and leading experts on management-in-place as a primary alternative to removal and replacement of building components including hazardous materials.  He is CEO and Founder of the International Corporation, GLOBAL Encasement, Inc. (GEI), a pro-planet company with green coatings that help protect the environment while providing solar reflective, energy/money saving roofing, waterproofing and abating hazardous materials.

On March 11, 2011 the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant was damaged by the tsunami that resulted from the disastrous 8.9-magnitude Tohoku earthquake, emitting a large amount of radiation due to a hydrogen explosion. Encasement Guy was contacted, flown into Tokyo and asked to assemble a risk assessment team to evaluate the situation and present viable solutions. Him and his team met at one of the TEPCO facilities just outside the evacuation zone in Northern Japan where they did several demonstrations presenting products that would lock down and help contain the hazardous debris with Green coatings. The coatings from GLOBAL Encasement, Inc. that were presented would help minimize the potential future exposure and contain all the hazardous, radioactive debris. The product were approved and started being used.

Mr. Keefe originated and developed green encasement coating systems for application over asbestos and lead based paint in the early 1990s because he often found himself on jobsites where there was an overreaction to asbestos, even though the useful building material was in good shape doing what it was originally intended to do.  He authored the book “Just Encase They Think You’re Stupid“, a guide for Managing Asbestos and Lead-Based Paint, and numerous technical papers on applications for encasement green coatings.

Encasement Guy’s services include:

  1. Project site assessments and recommendation on in-place-management of hazardous building materials, historic preservation and building/roofing repairs
  2. Consultancy on turning your building surfaces Green while saving time, energy and money
  3. Training contractors on proper installation of GLOBAL Encasement, Inc. products
  4. Lecture on the benefits of in-place-management
  5. Rejuvenating Historical Properties with Green Coatings

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``Just Encase They Think You're Stupid``


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